New Zealand’s theatre archives are currently held in theatres, libraries, and other repositories all around the country.

Theatre Archives NZ supports theatre groups in the management and preservation of their archives. Our mission is to identify all such archives, to list them, and encourage theatres and individuals to place them in secure repositories.

Theatre has been entertaining and inspiring New Zealanders by the thousands for over 180 years. New Zealand theatre reflects our society and helps us look at ourselves anew.

Theatre has played an important part in our history and our evolving culture. Yet very few records remain from our thriving 19th century theatre industry except newspaper advertisements, some reviews, and a few programmes. For the early part of the 20th century, and much of the time since, the story is little better.

But there are records constantly being created – reviews, photographs, posters, programmes, newsletters, society minutes, company ledgers, costume sketches, prompt scripts, even audio and digital recordings, that matter to everyone interested in theatre in New Zealand and to Theatre Archives New Zealand.